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Naviki – the bicycle satnav


Naviki is the comprehensive bicycle App! Naviki offers worlwide best route planning for bicycles and an impressive documentation of your cycling activities. Optionally for everyday, leisure, mountain bike and racing bike Naviki provides ideal connections between any start and destination addresses, it immediately shows your routes on a map and navigates to your target by spoken navigation instructions and arrows on the display. Naviki easily records your own ways and synchronises them with The result is an impressive personal collection of ways! Simple and practical: Plan routes on and transmit them to the App with just one click. Naviki’s most important functions at a glance:
ROUTE PLANNER Simply enter your start and destination, immediately get your customised route with the most important additional information.
TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATION Spoken instructions and pleasantly large navigation arrows on your display. By means of spoken instructions, the phone can remain in your pocket which is energy-saving. Spontaneous deviation from a planned route is no problem - Naviki automatically calculates a new route to your destination.
EVERYDAY ROUTING Gives you the cycle tracks for your daily activities. Prefers minor roads, bicycle lanes, rather short and straight routes as well as easy accessible and solid surfaces.
LEISURE ROUTING Your cycle routes for tourism and leisure activities. Prefers officially signposted cycle tracks, easy accessible and solid surfaces, minor roads and a nice natural environment.
MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTING Your routes for great MTB experiences! Prefers unsealed surfaces, single trails, distinguished and signposted MTB routes as well as forest and country tracks.
RACING BIKE ROUTING Racing bike routes for fascinating fast trips! Prefers sealed and smooth surfaces, tracks allowing high-speed cycling, minor roads, a scenic environment.
S-PEDELEC ROUTINGTailored routes for fast e-bikes up to 30 mph on roads allowing power-driven vehicles. Prefers minor roads and a nice environment whenever possible.
ROUND TRIPSJust enter a start and a required length – Naviki calculates numerous alternative round trips to choose from for immediate navigation.
POINTS OF INTERESTNaviki contains a huge and well-structured collection of Points of Interest that you can easily implement in your calculated routes by using them as start and destination points.
OFFLINE MAPSDownload high quality Naviki maps on your smartphone and then use them independent of internet access.
HEIGHT PROFILE For all routes Naviki provides a height profile, the highest and lowest points and the total altitude to be cycled upwards.
CONVENIENT COCKPIT Speed​​, average speed, distance traveled and distance to your target are always in view. During navigation and recording the speedometer is automatically displayed.
RECORDING YOUR OWN PATHS Just one tap and Naviki records the path you cycle and stores it in your personal Naviki cloud. Easily create an impressive statistic on! You can always add an individual description to each path.
TURN BY TURN INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECORDED PATHSNaviki provides turn-by-turn instructions for paths of arbitrary origin, including those you recorded with Naviki.
MEMORISE PATHS Plan comfortably on the web and then immediately use your routes via App: transmit your routes from to your Naviki App by just one click.
LISTS FOR MEMORISED AND RECORDED PATHS Clearly arranged lists show your recorded paths and the routes you calculated via web or Naviki App. Thus you have always access to your personally most important bicycle routes.
Extras: “Find Points of Interest” is € 2,99 as an in-app purchase. Turn-by-turn navigation and leisure routing are € 3.79 each. Mountain bike routing and racing bike routing are € 4.79 each. Offline Maps starting from € 4,79.